White Decor

Can be found here.
What kind of color schemes are in your own houses ? Bedrooms?
I want to revamp my room,
along with a few others in my house.

Amy Peters Studio

Ordering a few things from here !
I love her designs,
everything seems unique & clean.

Toast Embroidery

I must say I've definitely never seen art like this before. Artist Judith G. Kalusner creates works of art using only one food item (in other galleries, she used foods like Oreos & Chex cereal), paper for leverage, and thread to produce these. How cool is that ?! Check out her gallery here.

Tattoos anyone ?

How many of you have tattoos?
I have two myself, one on my hip, and a large piece on my right ribs. I'm contemplating my next one, I have two more planned, one in memory of my grandmother, one for my great-grandmother. How do you feel about visible tattoos ? I can't make up my mind if I want any to be seen or not, I'm worried most about job prospects if I decide to go visible. Opinions??

Photo Credit: Click here