New Set!

Set of acrylics I did on my boyfriend's mother! Glitter set with crushed shells (:
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As some of you may know, I went on a mini roadtrip to Pittsburgh last weekend with my boyfriend, Nick, just to get a little break from working so much! Here are a few pictures from our trip (: Pitt is, driving fast haha, about 3 1/2 hours from me, and it's a great city to just get away and relax. We had a great time! It made me really think a lot harder about transferring to a school in Pitt...I'm just not sure yet.

Hotel Room!

Very very close to downtown Pitt !

Swordfish & Shrimp Scampi!
Seriously amazing.

Fried Oysters.
Sorry for the lighting :(

The City <3

Huge Panthers fan!


I swear I packed for two weeks.
We were there for three days.

Nick <3

Love this picture!

Love this!

So worth it though...


I can't even wait to go back!

Beauty Pagent !

My best friend Angela competed in a beauty pagent last night, here are a few pictures from the show (: It was so much fun, she did amazing !
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Be ready for a new nail design pictures today!
& pictures from Pittsburgh...
I'm getting behind! haha

Any sites you all adore for layouts?!
I'm getting tired of this one.
I usually get them from Cutest Blog on the Block...
but I want to try something new (:
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Ever Seen These?

I came across this lovely treat on a travel-esque blog, Globetrotter Diaries. Have you ever come across these before?

Chinese Tea Eggs
 Tea eggs are a common street snack and even sold in convenience stores in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Who knew??

  A basic black tea can be used for this recipe or you can even use pu-erh tea for an earthier flavor. Other ingredients can be added such as mandarin peel or sugar.  Eggs can be left overnight to let the juices seep, or can be simmered for a few hours, making this an easy snack to make. And different too!

 Here's What You'll Need:
Six Eggs
2 Bags of Black Tea
4 Star Anise
1 Cinnamon Stick
1/4 Cup Soy Sauce

 How To:
1. Place the eggs in a pot and fill with water until just covered.  Bring to a boil and simmer for about 2 minutes.  Remove the eggs and lightly crack the eggs all around with the edge of a fork or knife.

2. Place the eggs back into the pot of water and add the tea bags, spices and soy sauce.  Simmer for about 1 hour and let the mixture and eggs cool.  Continue steeping the eggs overnight in the refrigerator. (Alternatively, you can simmer the eggs for about 2-3 hours instead of soaking them overnight.)

3. Peel & Eat! So easy! I plan on doing this, and maybe substituting a few ingredients, see how it goes. If any of you are inspired to try it, let me know!

~Xoxo Amberlynn

Back in the northeast....sadly.

After  a great four days in Pittsburgh, PA I finally had to return home. Boy do I have a haul for you all, way too many pictures to come! I would have posted them sooner but there are a lot to transfer and some are still sadly on my boyfriend's cell phone. He also had a great time, and as I knew he would, fell in love with the city and has his heart set on moving there....saw that coming. Haha but along with being his first trip to was also his first time shopping on Black Friday...which he did not all. Oh well ! I bought so many things, can't wait to do this post!

Some bittersweet news....If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I was working an insane shift (8pm-6:15am) for could barely function during the week...and work Friday night was the only reason Nick & I had to come home from Pitt so early. Tomorrow night, by best friend Angela will be competing in a beauty pagent, which I refuse to miss. She worked so hard to prepare for it, this is her first one, this would have caused me to miss work quit! Very very happy with my decision, so much less stressed out, and although my sleep schedule needs to get back on track (I'm wide awake at 6:30am writing a blog post) I believe this is for the better. Don't worry, I have another job!

I have a few interesting posts to share, so hope you enjoy them all !
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after a six hour drive that should have taken 4 hours... 
Be ready for lots of posts ! (:
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Chinese !

My boyfriend took me out for Chinese today & I haven't had it in FOREVER.

Also....I bought three new purses & two pair of shoes. (figures) Absolutely spent more money than I should have haha but so worth it ! Be prepared for a huge post tomorrow! Hope you all are having a great night !

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Kicking Off A New Week...

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Lace Earrings!
These are totally my style.
 I can see them going with more than half of my wardrobe.
I need to stay off of Pinterest, I see too many things I want!

Anyway, I'm finally done with work for the week (kind of). Not working until Wednesday! It drives me insane only having one day a week off to get everything done. Ugghhh. But right now, blogging and laying in bed watching Grey's Anatomy, sounds like a perfect day to me.

Getting Closer...

After a lot of boyfriend and I still haven't made up our minds on where we want to go next week. His Thanksgiving break starts Monday....and we are supposed to leave Monday haha. It's kind of a little reward to ourselves, we work too much! So we are debating between North Carolina, and West Virgina! Help?! Wherever we go, we're going to look at colleges, and I want to see so many that it doesn't really matter which one! AND Black Fridayyy shopping! Can't even wait.

I'm dying my hair today!
So sick of being blond.
Back to brunette (:

We'll see how it goes!
Have a great day everyone,
I'll be spending my day in front of the TV for once !
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If you have never worked a third shift job before...please don't! Since my semester off of college is almost over, I've been working at a distribution center for, 8pm until 6:15am Friday-Monday....and it's killing me, I can barely function :( and this is all on top of my other job as a photographer at a small studio. I seriously can't wait to go back to school, I'm sending all of my transcripts out tomorrow (so nervous) and then I'll have to figure out where I want to transfer to.

While killing myself at work...trying to keep motivated....

Source: via Pam on Pinterest

I want these SO BAD.

and well...these are just cool haha I know I would never have a place to wear them...but still....they would look pretty nice on a shelf haha

Saving up for an iPad 2 ! I want one SO bad! I hate my laptop :(

Oh, and RINGS! New obsession. I bought so many online the past two weeks...haha anyone else really into rings?!

and I'm getting a new tattoo this week! A little one but still, on the inside of my ring finger <3

Looking for some good DIY fashion blogs...any suggestions?
Have a great da everyone!

~xoXo Amberlynn

DIY Net Bag! Must Try (:

Saw this DIY on one of my favorite  sites Honestly...Wtf, and fell in love with it! I can't wait to try it, it's SO simple, but I really love the idea. What do you girls think?

Finished Product !

What are some of your favorite DIY blogs??
Have a great day everyone !
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