Back in the northeast....sadly.

After  a great four days in Pittsburgh, PA I finally had to return home. Boy do I have a haul for you all, way too many pictures to come! I would have posted them sooner but there are a lot to transfer and some are still sadly on my boyfriend's cell phone. He also had a great time, and as I knew he would, fell in love with the city and has his heart set on moving there....saw that coming. Haha but along with being his first trip to was also his first time shopping on Black Friday...which he did not all. Oh well ! I bought so many things, can't wait to do this post!

Some bittersweet news....If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I was working an insane shift (8pm-6:15am) for could barely function during the week...and work Friday night was the only reason Nick & I had to come home from Pitt so early. Tomorrow night, by best friend Angela will be competing in a beauty pagent, which I refuse to miss. She worked so hard to prepare for it, this is her first one, this would have caused me to miss work quit! Very very happy with my decision, so much less stressed out, and although my sleep schedule needs to get back on track (I'm wide awake at 6:30am writing a blog post) I believe this is for the better. Don't worry, I have another job!

I have a few interesting posts to share, so hope you enjoy them all !
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  1. Can't wait to see some pictures!

    xx Emily @

  2. looking forward to the pictures, as I'm from there myself! hope you had a great holiday!