DIY Rock Bowls

Saw this on a DIY blog, b3 Home Designs, and I think this is such a cute idea!
Only takes 31 minutes!

What you'll need:
Sakrete Quickset Concrete
a plastic bowl
a large canned good
chafing dish gel fuel pack
PAM cooking spray
plastic tub for mixing concrete
stick to stir concrete

1. Measure out your concrete.
1b. (Fill plastic bowl/mold with dry mix)
2. Dump mix in plastic mixing bin.
3. Add water; stir with stick.
3a. Start with a puddle in the middle of dry mix. 
3b. Spray PAM all over your mold and canned good.
4. Pour concrete into mold.
4b. Pour halfway, place large can in the center and continue filling around the can.
4c. After about 6 minutes, rotate can, and pop it out.
5. At the 17 minute mark, Cover top of mold with stack of newspaper.
5b. Flip it over carefully; concrete form will slip right out.
6. Carefully place loose rocks along rim of concrete form.
7. Drop fire gel pack in center hole; light with long match and enjoy!
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