Back To Class....Boooo

Today was my first day of my second semester as a freshman in college. It hasn't really hit me yet. My first semester was typical, I got here and not a thought of home ran through my mind. Now, second semester, I feel like it's going to be a lot harder for me to be in college six hours away from home, away from my family. My first class of the day was a bust. I had English at eleven, and my teacher is...I don't even know how to explain it. Let's just say she spent almost a half hour of our first class talking about her obsession with fairies? Not a good first impression for me. I have a Geography class at 3:30, we'll see how that goes I guess.

I definitely am transferring next year. Without a doubt, I don't think this is the college for me. I just can't decide if I want to stay in state, or leave. :[

Besides that, I am beyond excited for the beach this year! Ocean City, Maryland :) Can't even wait.

Another Day I Should Have Been Productive.

     Haha I wish. I spent the day doing absolutely nothing besides practically living on my couch, and watching movie after movie. Actually, I just played the same movie over and over because I was too lazy to find another one I could deal with continuously. This, was a horrible way to spend the day, because tomorrow, I have no choice but to accomplish packing my life away, again. Tomorrow is my last day in the 570, because Thursday I will be driving the 4+ hours to Pittsburgh to spend my last weekend there with my boyfriend before we have to return to college on Sunday. Boooo. On a lighter note, my new years resolution to start a blog seems like a very good idea. I've been keeping up with it, and it seems like a good stress-reliever. I definitely can keep up with this at college, I needed something to hinder my Facebook creeping.

Well Isn't This True.

Blue & Pink Nail Design with 3D Flowers:)

I will be trying this tutorial soon.
Very pretty design:)

In Love With This Nail Polish...

Sephora Collection by OPI

Dear Blank, Please Blank

Just saw this site in my news feed on Facebook.

Dear teacher,
I AM awake.
Sincerely, the asian student

Dear MapQuest,
Please add an "avoid ghetto" option.
Sincerely, Scared

Dear Nickelback,
That's enough.
Sincerely, The World

Dear Boy Next Door,
She's faking it.
Sincerely, Sleepless.

Dear trojan condom commercials,
Way to make things awkward.
Sincerely, teenagers who watch tv with their parents.

Room Makeover Ideas:)

Found these pictures on the Internet today these are totally giving me the motivation to redecorate my bedroom, it needs it.

Sunflower Nail Design

Just found this video on YouTube, this will be my next nail design I try :) I love these colors together, a sweet summery feeling, I'm so sick of winter already. There are a few inches of snow outside now, I'm totally content with that, because when I finally return to college next semester, the weather is going to kill me. Lets just say I don't really appreciate the three feet of snow continually on the ground on my campus.

The memories come flooding back...

I decided yesterday to start a new blog, and since I have never used this website before for blogging, I'm just now starting to get the hang of it.

I've been crawling through a lot of blogs, and one specific story keeps reoccurring through the different pages...breast cancer. This thought brought back a lot of memories for me. Growing up, my family was a solid three, me, my mother, and my grandmother. I was only a freshman in high school when my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Growing up, I knew her as the one person in the family that didn't need help from anyone, she could always stand on her own, and believe me she had no problem voicing her opinion if she believed she wasn't being treated fairly. She always stood up for me, even if I didn't want her to. When she was diagnosed, I wasn't really sure what to think. She soon took on a totally different image in my eyes, she was no longer that woman who could make it on her own, she needed help. I remember how hard it was for her to go through chemotherapy, I remember seeing the gaping whole in her chest which soon became rotted with infection, I remember for the first time in my life seeing my grandmother scared. That was the hardest time in her life, and mine. Her cancer brought our family closer together. Throughout the whole diagnosis and treatment, she taught me a lesson I will never forget; to never feel sorry for myself, because she never did. Now, I look at everything as a challenge, although some situations wont be comfortable, I always try and try to keep a smile on my face whether the situation is big or small. I pray every day for those with cancer, and the families that have the strength to overcome whatever may.

You could call me not motivated...

Most of the world I think at least had that small motivation to do something today, whether insignificant or not. I, on the other hand, decided to live on my couch all day, eat nothing more than pieces of celery and oranges, and of course, put off signing up for one last class in a semester that starts in less than one, today I felt the need to watch He's Just Not That Into You over and over, while even going as low at watching a failure such as Easy A, I'm somewhat disgusted with my laziness.
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