Another Day I Should Have Been Productive.

     Haha I wish. I spent the day doing absolutely nothing besides practically living on my couch, and watching movie after movie. Actually, I just played the same movie over and over because I was too lazy to find another one I could deal with continuously. This, was a horrible way to spend the day, because tomorrow, I have no choice but to accomplish packing my life away, again. Tomorrow is my last day in the 570, because Thursday I will be driving the 4+ hours to Pittsburgh to spend my last weekend there with my boyfriend before we have to return to college on Sunday. Boooo. On a lighter note, my new years resolution to start a blog seems like a very good idea. I've been keeping up with it, and it seems like a good stress-reliever. I definitely can keep up with this at college, I needed something to hinder my Facebook creeping.


  1. Well that happens to me as well. I get very lazy sometimes and waste my days doing absolutely nothing and then later I realize that I should've been productive. LOL :D

    Thanks for following me :) I am following you back. Love your blog design :)

  2. Ah I completely understand! I end up spending 4 hours on facebook achieving absolutely nothing!

    S, x

  3. Thanks girls :) I know, I end up doing the same thing! Facebook is such a killer haha :)