If you have never worked a third shift job before...please don't! Since my semester off of college is almost over, I've been working at a distribution center for, 8pm until 6:15am Friday-Monday....and it's killing me, I can barely function :( and this is all on top of my other job as a photographer at a small studio. I seriously can't wait to go back to school, I'm sending all of my transcripts out tomorrow (so nervous) and then I'll have to figure out where I want to transfer to.

While killing myself at work...trying to keep motivated....

Source: via Pam on Pinterest

I want these SO BAD.

and well...these are just cool haha I know I would never have a place to wear them...but still....they would look pretty nice on a shelf haha

Saving up for an iPad 2 ! I want one SO bad! I hate my laptop :(

Oh, and RINGS! New obsession. I bought so many online the past two weeks...haha anyone else really into rings?!

and I'm getting a new tattoo this week! A little one but still, on the inside of my ring finger <3

Looking for some good DIY fashion blogs...any suggestions?
Have a great da everyone!

~xoXo Amberlynn


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I'm now following you :)

    Where have you been buying your rings from online? I also am becoming slightly obsessed! AND also looking for some good d i y blogs. I mainly want to feature diy posts in my blog. They're so fun to do!

  2. I'm loving the first shoes and the rings!!!! I need them... however, Id most likely fall on my face trying to walk in them!

  3. Hey! You have a new follower and I wanted to say I am so with you with working the 3rd shift. I am a nursing student and I so far struggling just to work the 2nd, lol. I love this post. I'm also saving for my Ipad 2 and can't wait to actually hold it in my hands. lol ( Dreams ). Also those booties are to die for. I just did a post on heels. Thanks for following me.

  4. Hey there! Thanks for following! I am now following you! I have never worked the 3rd shift but my bf might get moved to a 7-7 shift and we are so praying that it doesn't happen! I don't know how you hold it together girl, but keep it up! It will be over soon! :)


  5. Those shoes are gorgeous :O I want them too!
    the iPad 2 is amazing you will love it so much when you get one (just to give you some more motivation :P haha)


  6. Soph: I've actually been buying a lot of rings from eBay, and Wet Seal ! Haha I love both!

    lovelyladyjb: I hope your bf doesn't ! It is such a pain ! Haha if my boyfriend and I didn't work together I would never see him, I dont have a life anymoreee :(

    Claire: you're making me want one so much more. Thanks hahaha :$ i can't wait any longer !

    Thanks ladies !!! Xoxo

  7. I really want a ipad2 too!! I've heard something about ipad 3, so i will be waiting to see if it is better than ipad 2! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!