Crack The Sky Clothing!

We've known each other since seventh grade. Dana and I, always had a million little plans with what we want to do with our lives, and this is definitely one. Shes leaving in two weeks to study in London for three months, and before she leaves, we decided to make one of our long time dreams come true. We are starting a clothing line! You'll see a lot about it on Something Like Glamour in the next few weeks! I know it's absolutely a long shot for our line to be successful, but it's always better to try than let a dream go. So here we go!
This is Dana and myself, (I'm on the left!)

 These are our first two designs! What do you think? Yes, they're plain and simple, but it's our first test run! We have a few more on the way. I'll put a link to the store up as soon as we have it up and running with all of our products. The name originates from a song we've loved for years, a song by Brand New, our very first favorite band. "A Keystone State Brand" means: Pennsylvania is known as the "Keystone State", we wanted to incorporate where we come from in our designs. Hope you like them!

 If any of you would like to order a shirt, sponsor us on your blog, or are looking for a small job promoting us through your blogs/Facebooks/Twitter accounts, leave a comment or e-mail me here!

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  2. Congrats! So true, you never know until you try! Hope it's successful for ya'll :)