Guest Blogger: Catherine!

Dressing for a Night Out!
Getting ready to go out is sometimes as fun as the night itself. Spending a day shopping with your friends and spending the evening trying on what you’ve bought, swapping accessories and spending quality time together, is a great way to get in the mood for a night of dancing.

The most important thing is to find an outfit you feel good in so you know that however silly the moves you pull on the dance floor are, you will always strut off afterwards looking your best, ready to be noticed by anyone who may have caught your eye during the evening. There are so many styles and trends available however that it can be difficult to make a decision about what looks best on you, which dress is right for which occasion, and whether you will wear this beautiful frock enough to justify spending the money.

Maxi Dresses

The first thing to say about long dresses is that they ought to be avoided if you are fairly short as they tend to take a few inches of your height visually. If not however, they are great for several reasons. As you are not showing off any leg it gives you leeway for bare shoulders or a bit of cleavage without giving too much away all at once. This means they are good for a flirty night out, but also can be teamed with a shawl for those occasions when you want to exercise modesty and exude elegance. Also as a bonus they will keep your legs warm as the night gets colder and you do not have to worry about having the perfect shoes as they will be covered.

Bodycon Dresses

These are the ultimate in style in going out dresses for turning some heads. They will show off all the hard work you have put in tanning and toning over the summer and if you are feeling full of confidence you will definitely shine. You can choose long or short sleeves, and knee length or a mini dress depending on which curves you wish to accentuate. Bodycon dresses are more flattering in block colours, the simpler the better. You can add colour and individuality with shoes, handbags, and hair accessories.

These are two contrasting styles of many, if you do not fancy either there are plenty more out there, as well as innovative variations on both designs. These two are popular as they are simple enough to be adaptable for any location from a club to a wedding.

~Catherine M.

A note from Amberlynn: I seriously love these dresses! The website has so many chic and not to mention fun items and great prints! I'll absolutely be doing some hauls from Very Co. ! Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend, and make sure to check out the link below!
Check out the link here: Dress Daze!


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