12 Days !

Saw this on Confessions Of A Small Town Girl blog, and thought it was a cute idea ! Make sure to link back to me if you reblog it (:

Day 1 - Where You Wish You Could Be Right Now
Day 2 - A Picture Of You On The Beach
Day 3 - A Photo Of  Your Favourite Day Out
Day 4 - A photo of you on a balcony

Day 5 - A Random Picture You Took 
Day 6 - Something That Took Your Breath Away
Day 7 - Favourite Food Or Drink On Holiday

Day 8 - A picture of your favourite hotel
Day 9 - A picture of you at night time
Day 10 - A Picture Of You Having A Good Time
Day 11 - A picture of you by the poolside

Day 12 - Fav. Picture Of All Time From Any Holiday

Day 1: A picture of somewhere I wish I could be...

Ocean City, Maryland !
I want to go back so bad. I went there June 18-25th, its about a five hour drive from my house, but so worth it. The first picture is of my best friend Paige and I on the boardwalk at night, second picture is the sunrise the day before I left. Have any of you spent time there?


  1. im going to do this, love things like this :)x

  2. Go for it girl ! I love these too (:!