New Love: Juju Hats!

Has anyone seen these yet?!
I first saw these gorgeous hats on The Nester and fell in love with the idea, backround, and tutorial! Read On (: 

Traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa, Juju hats have since gained popularity with interior designers, and are often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home. Beautiful bird feathers are painstakingly hand sewn onto a raffia fiber base/basket that splays out into a huge circle. Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds. When not in use, the Juju hat can be neatly folded in on itself for easy storage. A perfect example of fine, unique and skillful weaving from Central West Africa, Juju hats have featured in high-end decor magazines, such as Domino, Elle Decor and Inside Out, to name a few.

Most Juju Hats range about $400-$900...
and that would be why I found a tutorial haha

A gorgeous accent...

It looks so soft !

I want this whole room!

Check out the tutorial here !

All you need to create the above Juju Hat:
  • Thick Wool Yarn (aprox. 1/2 ball for small, 1+ for large)
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Poster board or Thick card stock
  • Stapler
  • Double sided tape
  • Popsicle sticks or Chopsticks
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  1. Omg I love these! I've never seen them before. The white one is my favorite.