Pen Pal Anyone?

Over the past few days, I've seen at least five blogs about girls with Pen Pals. It kind of hit me as something I've never thought about, and now all of a sudden I keep seeing it everywhere ! It seems like such a cool idea, learning about someone else, and mostly corresponding with girls from other countries! How Interesting!

Once I searched for Pen Pals on Google, I found a lovely little site called Pen Pal Of The Week and came across many different intriguing stories ! The pictures below are from a girl named Rin from Australia corresponding with another girl from Canada! What a culture difference!

Rin also has a gorgeous little blog which you can find here!

How cute would it be to find something like this in the mail? I'm absolutely considering writing to a few people, who knows maybe I'll love it. Have any of you ever done this? Anyone else looking to give it a try? Let me know (:


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have been interested in Penpaling for a while but everytime I contact someone they usually stop responding after awhile so I'm still looking for a penpal to keep it contact with :).

  3. Oops I ment to write in* instead of "it"

  4. When I was a kid I always had pan pals, and I loved it. I loved getting mails :D

    If you are still looking after a pan pal, write me, I think it would be fun ;) I am from Austria, Europe - different cultures guaranteed :D
    my blog is:
    and my e-mail:

    xoxo Giulia

  5. Thank you for the follow sweet :) I love the idea of pen pals, my boyfriend met his best friend (we're from England, his best friend is in Belgium) through being pen pals when they were younger through a school project!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  6. I'm glad that you found my blog and that you like it! Having penpals is wonderful and you should try it! :)

    If you want, you can send me a penpal ad and I'd be happy to put it up on my blog for you.

    Julie xox

  7. I was crazy about penpal by air mail when I was teen until I graduate college, high technology finally arrive is computer and I met my husband online.

  8. Those are so cute! I think having a penpal would be super cool but I am not sure I can live up to those, they seem really artsy and I am pretty plain haha.

  9. I used to think that PenPals are old school. But come to think of it, exchanging emails with other girls who share the same interest as you is the same thing as writing a snail mail... only snail mail Pen Pals come up with artsy and cool letters. :)

  10. Hey Amberlynn Love your blog and thanks for following! I cannot believe people still penpal that makes me happy, I feel like now a days everything is so techy no one even uses pen and paper anymore and thats so sad! Anyway if you are up for it, I would love take part in a penpal attempt! Let me know!

  11. I would love to be part of a pen pal group! The more friends the better! Let me know what I need to do? :)