Charming Charlie

Have any of you ever heard of Charming Charlie ? I went on my usual shopping trip to Montage Mountain yesterday, and noticed this store. I went in, and was completely taken back. Saying It's an entire store full of purses, clothes, accessories doesn't do it justice. Everything is seperated by colors, a friendly staff present to help find exactly what you're looking for, I was in heaven ! I'll upload pictures as soon as I can (:

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  1. I have one right by my house. I love their jewelry, but their clothing is very, very cheap quality.

  2. Charming Charlies' is AWESOME! There is one in the Deptford Mall and a new one just opened in Mt Laurel (NJ). It's a godsend when you have the perfect outfit but not the perfect accessories - they have all colors all year round so you don't get stuck b/c your color is "out of season" or something.

    Every fashionista (on a budget)should check this place out!!!!