Chromatic Typewriter?

When I was little I always used to love typing on my grandmother's old typewriter. When I kept making mistakes and got frustrated with it, having no patience when I was younger haha, I always used to give up and not ply with it for a while. If my typewriter did this, I would have loved it ! Artist Tyree Callahan turned this 1937 typewriter into a work of art. He replaced the letter keys with color pads, and it makes beautiful pictures just with the touch of a key.

Source: Love Maegan

I also wanted to give a sneak preview of what's to come on Something Like Glamour ! Within the next two weeks I'll be posting new nail tutorials, if you've never seen my nail art, check it out here! Also, the Something Like Glamour store will be up and running again! Many new items so make sure to check back often!

Lastly, a great little blog, Write Before Your Eyes, will be featured. It's author, Shannah, is a gorgeous girl who runs a refreshing blog with content for everyone! She also has an Etsy store, which will have a product review in the upcoming feature!

Until then, you can check out her blog below (:


  1. This is too adorable! Love it!

  2. I love dodgy type writers <3

  3. Oh that's so pretty!! I kind of want one now!... All my siblings used to have a typewriter each, I loved it!