True Life I'm a General Life Blogger!

Decided to participate in this link-up hosted by Fabulous But Evil and Mrs. Monologues!

Let's start with me (:
I'm nineteen years old.
College Student!
Hopefully will major in forensics.
I love fashion, art, and travel.
I've been a vegetarian for six years now.
I love baking !
My passion is for fashion haha

My best friend Paige & I <3

Boyfriend ! Nicholas <333

My Puppy !

Oh and NAIL ART.
I started doing acrylics about two years ago and I love it. I'll make sure to put more pictures up, but I love doing 3d nail art (:

Tattoos have always been a passion of mine, and you'll see that on my blog. I think they're a beautiful way of self-expression, if done in good taste of course. I have two myself, and both hold special meanings to me.

A major part of my blog is my DIY section! I love making things myself, and I love finding tutorials on how to do so!
I started blogging this past year, right before I left for college. I'm not really sure how I got into it, but I fell in love with it & try to do it as much as I can ever since ! My blog isn't one basic genre, I have a lot of interests and I like to show it ! Thanks to all my followers, and keep reading !
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  1. Hi, found you on the link-up. That nail art is awesome and you sometimes look like Ashley Tisdale, very beautiful. :) I won't ask you to read my blog because it's about mom stuff and my sisters your age have repeatedly told me how lame and boring they find my life. :) Lovely blog!

  2. that nail art is so insane in a GREAT way!

  3. woah, nail art and tattoos?! love that you have such diverse talents and loves. i cannot wait to see/read more posts on it. i am so thankful to this linkup so i discovered your blog. yay for college student bloggers, I am one too.

    -Sarah from

  4. I love the nail art! so unique! I love tattoos but I dont have any.... yet.

  5. So glad you decided to link up. Awesome major!! Also, your nail art kicks some awesome bootay!

  6. Those nails are amzing! I just started getting into mailpolsihes, the nail stickers, and the nail pens - but I could never do anything this cool. Props to you girl. I'm your newest follower!

    xx Emily @

  7. your nail art is incredible! ive never seen anything like that - awesome!

    thanks for following me. looking forward to getting to know you!


  8. thank you so much for linking up! that nail art is incredible!

  9. That is so cool that you want to do forensics! I'm a nurse and have considered several times to go in to nursing forensics. Super neat! :)