North Carolina!

My boyfriend and I want to move to North Carolina in January from Pennsylvania, are any of you from there ? We're looking to put a down payment on a place in Charlotte but wanted to know if anyone had any advice ?? We want to move to somewhere completely new, in a big city or close to one, and far from home...since we're finally able to afford to do this. Do any of you live in a place you love ? What state ?Any would be appreciated (: thank you !
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  1. I live in Georgia, south of Atlanta. I live like 5 or 10 mins from everything and I love it. We lived a little father out for a while and I hated it. I love the city. There is always something to do.

  2. I live in North Carolina about 2 hours from Charlotte. The whole state is beautiful, and you would love it. Most of the people are friendly, but we are southern and country! :)

    I have a friend & fellow blogger that lives in Charlotte - Liz Taylor! I don't know if you have ever read either one of her blogs, but I will give you the link:

    She is super sweet & I am sure she would chat with you about life in Charlotte, if you wanted to know more!

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